Newest GOP health care bill likely dead as Republicans pull support

A workable plan to repeal ACA

Republicans add money, insurers' flexibility to health bill

By Monday afternoon, it was the worst-kept secret on Capitol Hill: the latest GOP health care bill was headed for failure.

Vice President Mike Pence said he is "disappointed" Maine Republican Sen.

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan said he's undecided, too, and it's not clear either Alaska senator will have to take a position. It was changed three times yesterday to sweeten the pot for specific Senators.

Brown said Murkowski reassured him.

And seventh-term senator Orrin Hatch, a veteran of more legislative battles than most can remember, sounded like, well, a seventh-term senator.

So much for centrist Democrats' concerns that he might sabotage the party's efforts to block a Republican health care bill. The whole Republican voting problem on the Obamacare repeal is Moore-Strange!

Collins was an immovable "no". So Sen. McCain has talked about a better process. Bill Cassidy would come back some day, but acknowledged that the effort is dead for now. Ted Cruz was against the proposal after language he thought had been agreed upon didn't make it in the revised draft.

But on Monday, amid dimming prospects, McConnell would not commit to a vote.

"When you lose two, you're out". "But Republicans campaigned on this so often that you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign". "We don't have any margin".

Then on Monday night, Sen.

"It's going along and at some point, there will be a repeal and replace", he added. And as soon as the hearing opened, they started chanting. This fight isn't over until after September 30. Yet, Medicaid has kept us from going medically bankrupt by covering the medical needs of our daughter that our primary insurance wouldnt.

One avenue being discussed by lawmakers like Graham and Sen. Can't they use that same budget reconciliation process again?

Republicans are calling off a vote on their health care plan just days before the deadline and will move on to tax reform, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed Tuesday. They pushed Congress to go beyond it to repeal all of Obamacare, even though doing so would require Senate Republicans to rewrite the precedents governing the reconciliation process so they could strike down Obamacare in one fell swoop. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, but did not comment further.

Aides and colleagues say he wants to wait until his conference has time to weigh in during their Tuesday closed-door lunch before any next steps are announced. "But we'll see whether or not that point is now or will be shortly thereafter". John Cornyn, McConnell's top deputy, told reporters.

Republicans have long sought to rework the program in an effort to rein in federal spending.

With the latest Republican health care overhaul teetering near collapse, one group in particular is watching with heightened anxiety.

"Today, we find out that there is now a fourth version of the Graham-Cassidy proposal, which is as deeply flawed as the previous iterations", Collins said in a statement announcing her opposition. And now, "last-ditch" Cassidy-Graham is foundering. The message from the White House remains: let's get this done, now. 3 GOP Senate leader, said Monday, after Collins joined a small but pivotal cluster of Republicans saying they're against the measure.

In its place, it would give the states the authority to devise and manage their own health care systems.

There are only 52 Senate Republicans. But even more important, if Senators can adjust a funding formula over a weekend to help a single state, they could just as easily adjust that formula in the future to hurt that state.

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