Apple rolls out iOS 11, ending support for 32-bit apps

iOS 11 has arrived -- here's how to update your iPhone or iPad

3 awesome new iOS 11 features you can use on your old iPhone

Also what's worth noting is with iOS 11, Apple is dropping support for 32-bit apps. These apps include some Disney products, games such as Enemy Within and Flappy Bird, and even financial service apps from the like of American Express.

Many iOS users today have unlimited data plans, and they should be able to choose for themselves whether or not they want to use that data for downloading apps.

KitGuru Says: As an iPad user, I am looking forward to the new multitasking improvements coming in iOS 11.

Among the many new features and updates iOS 11 will bring to your iPhone and iPad, there's one that some users might not actually want. I don't see this update drastically improving my iPhone experience, though I will be checking out The Machines when I get some spare time. And hey, be patient as it might take you about an hour to download the file. So far things are reminding us a lot of when Apple released all the app updates to support the Apple Watch. You'll soon be able to link a credit card to iMessage, allowing you to text money to friends easily.

So how do you install it on your device?

Some of these tutorials suggest the use of third party paid apps, so be warned. Read on to learn more details about what you will find in the official release of iOS 11.

Most apps have already been updated, meaning popular software from Facebook, WhatsApp or other major tech firms will still be 100 percent compatible with iOS 11.

Out of all the new features of iOS 11, the addition of augmented reality capabilities into the mobile operating system is arguably the most important one, and also likely the most fun to try out. Here's the quick and easy way to mass delete the apps you just aren't using anymore.

Redditor SmearMeWithPasta shared the iOS 11 discovery, which is pretty simple to disable, freeing you from your app reviewing responsibilities. But first, you need to take care of a few vital steps like confirming that you can run iOS 11 and backing up your phone before you upgrade. Another way to install the update on your device is through iTunes on your Macbook.

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