Tim Cook: I'm "personally shocked" there's even a debate on DACA

Apple Inc

Apple Inc

The new operating system will also let iPhone users transfer money from iPhone to iPhone using Apple Pay.

BuzzFeed's Nicole Nguyen headlined her review: "TBH, The iPhone 8 should really be called the 7S", again reflecting much of what other reviewers said. While having a favorable opinion of the iPhone 8, he considers the iPhone X worth the wait and the higher price. However, people might not like such a heavy and even fragile phone. And don't get us started on these many swipes and combinations of side buttons that we must remember in order to take advantage of a fast interaction.

The iPhone X does have an edge though, as it has 3GB of RAM, while the iPhone 8 has just 2GB.

This is another area where there's a big difference between the phones, as while they both have 12MP cameras, the iPhone X has two, while the iPhone 8 has just one. Portrait mode's software separates the subject from their surroundings and creates a blurred effect in the background. He also talked about carrier deals and discounts that make the iPhone X a little cheaper. We don't know how safe it is or how good it works, but the entire process of having your face mapped by your iPhone and recognizing it sounds awesome. There are five different colors for the 7, while the newer device only comes in three, pretty basic ones.

USA Today's Ed Baig's headline reads: "An excellent phone forced to the shadows by the iPhone X", again reiterating that this isn't Apple's most feature-rich iPhone.

As to the root of the problem, rumor has it that Apple experienced some technical hurdles involving the iPhone X's advanced OLED display. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus launches September 22 while the iPhone X will be coming to stores November 3.

With the iPhone X (pronounced "ten") releasing at $999, there was a slew of reactions to Apple's bold move of effectively polarizing its audience.

This is the best display you've ever seen on an iPhone, perhaps on any phone.

The iPhone X also has more RAM, but the iPhone 8 should still have plenty of power and is far more affordable. Certainly, during the keynote last week, Apple execs highlighted how many formerly independent gadgets - like MP3 players and standalone cameras - the iPhone had absorbed and replaced over the years.

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