The Justice Department has reportedly opened an insider trading investigation at Equifax

Shapiro demands Equifax stop charging consumers in light of breach

How the Equifax data breach happened: What we know now

The disclosure of a second major breach is likely to spark intensified scrutiny from consumers and lawmakers, who have already expressed frustration over the company's security lapses and its handling of events after the Julybreach was made public.

"The criminal hacking that was discovered on July 29 did not affect the customer databases hosted by the Equifax business unit that was the subject of the March event", Equifax said in a statement.

Equifax hired cybersecurity firm Mandiant to investigate both the March and July incidents.

Also, you are entitled to a free annual credit report from each of the three credit agencies - Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. However, Equifax denies the incidents are related.

Equifax said on Friday that data on up to 400,000 Britons was stolen in the hack because it was stored in the United States.

That's just one scam you might see after Equifax's recent data breach.

Lyndsey Wasser says that Canada's privacy watchdog cannot hand down fines but can recommend the company make changes and sign an agreement urging them to comply.

In a statement also issued on September 15, Equifax noted that in the United Kingdom (UK) it would likely only to need to contact approximately 400,000 customers about the potential impact of the data breach. Scammers who get ahold of the data could use it at any time - and with 143 million to choose from, they may be patient.

Susan and the Chief Information Officer have since been terminated and their relationship with Equifax ceased.

Three Equifax executives sold shares of their company worth almost $2 million shortly after the breach was discovered.

The data included names, email addresses and telephone numbers but not street addresses or financial data, Equifax said. It also revealed, on Wednesday, that the root of the breach was a known flaw in the software package Apache.

"Equifax's Security organization was aware of this (CVE-2017-5638) vulnerability at that time, and took efforts to identify and to patch any vulnerable systems in the company's IT infrastructure", Equifax stated.

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