Mark Hamill may have revealed when The Last Jedi trailer is coming

Star Wars Galactic Nights a special event at Disney's Hollywood Studios returns Dec. 16 2017 for one evening only with out-of-this-world entertainment character encounters and more. Guests will be treated Hollywood-style to a red carpet arrival icon

THE LAST JEDI Trailer: Coming October 9?

And it looks like it may have worked.

Well, it would seem that Mark Hamill is exhausted of waiting for that new trailer as well. The user, like so many others before him, pressed Hamill about the status of The Last Jedi's new trailer, to which the Luke Skywalker actor replied: "Watch Monday Night Football on Monday, October 9th - for no reason in particular". Make no mistake, Disney is priming its massive marketing machine as we speak, and many Star Wars fans are wondering when we're going to get an actual trailer for The Last Jedi.

That candid Tweet from Hamill has since been deleted, but not before Digital Spy managed to grab a screenshot (see below).

Now, this could be an absolutely fantastic level of trolling by Hamill. Monday Night Football is aired weekly on ESPN whom is owned by Disney.

Star Wars: Galactic Nights will be returning to Disney's Hollywood Studios December 16, 2017.

The timing seems as though it meshes well too. If the targeted date for the trailer actually is October 9th, that's roughly 10 weeks before the movie's debut. Or is the Star Wars fanbase merely grasping at straws as the wait for The Last Jedi's full trailer becomes unbearable?

Disney, you don't have to do much more than the trailer we saw in April.

Again, whether Hamill is giving fans a wink and a nod here or is simply toying with us can't be gleamed at this point. Thanks to a new tweet from Mark Hamill, we may finally have a date for when we can expect to see the film's second trailer.

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