Rohingya issue: Centre set to file affidavit in Supreme Court

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Rohingya issue: Centre set to file affidavit in Supreme Court

The violent attacks allegedly by Myanmarese armymen have led to an exodus of Rohingya tribals from the western Rakhine state in that country to India and Bangladesh.

As hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have crossed into Bangladesh, relief camps are overflowing and food, medicine and drinking water have been in short supply.

Further referring to the Sri Lankan refugees staying in Tamil Nadu, Owaisi said that they were allowed to stay in India even after being accused of spreading terrorism.

As per reports, on August 9, the government had told the Parliament that according to available data, more than 14,000 Rohingyas, registered with the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR, are presently staying in India.

Union Minister Rajnath Singh said the Centre will file an affidavit on 'Rohingyas are a threat to national security' in the Supreme Court on Monday, September 18.

Mr Kunal said that human rights bodies had also condemned Myanmarese government on several occasions for persecution of Rohingya Muslims in the country. The affidavit read that the Centre had received contemporaneous inputs saying that the some of the Rohingyas were linked with the Pakistan- and Bangladesh-based terror organisations.

Around 40,000 Rohingya Muslims have settled in India, and almost 16,000 of them have received refugee documentation, according to the United Nations. According to home ministry officials there were almost 40,000 Rohingya Muslims staying illegally in the country. "Then why not 40,000 Rohingyas?" he asked.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wants Rohingya refugees helped "regardless of politics".

Banerjee's appeal for helping the Rohingyas comes at a time when the Ministry of Home Affairs has alerted states to identify and monitor "illegal migrants". The Supreme Court has fixed 18 Sep as the date for the hearing of the plea and the Home Minister said it will file the affidavit on 18 Sep.

The Congress today said the continuing influx of Rohingya refugees was a "serious" issue and demanded that the government formulate a policy on it, keeping national interest in mind and taking all political parties on board. "When it was told that they (Lankan refugees) are taking part in terror, what was done?"

It also said that India has ratified and is a signatory to various conventions that recognise the Principle of "Non- Refoulement', which prohibits deportation of refugees to a country where they may face threat to their lives".

The protesters also urged the people of the country to boycott all Myanmar products until its government stopped the oppression of Rohingya.

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