WH Calls ESPN Host's Trump Comments a 'Fireable Offense'

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White House press secretary calls ESPN's Jemele Hill's Trump comments a 'fireable offense'

The president tweeted: "ESPN is paying a really big price for its politics (and bad programming)". In her mind, it's perfectly fine to actually be a white supremacist in the White House - after all, she did defend Gorka and Bannon completely - but not acceptable to call someone that, even if there is some evidence to back it up.

The Worldwide Leader in Sports is on Trump's list of enemies after SportsCenter host Jemele Hill went on a tweet storm of her own criticizing the president for his rhetoric and his unfitness to serve in office.

In the light of the controversy, ESPN issued a formal statement on Twitter and wrote that the comments made by Hill did not represent ESPN's views on Trump.

A reporter had asked if the president was familiar with Hill's remarks and whether the White House had a response to them. "I think the president has made plenty of comments on that front", Sanders said, although the president has never actually apologized. "In the end, ultimately, Michael and Jemele appearing on the show last night and doing the show the way they did is the outcome we always desired".

ThinkProgress reports the newtork contacted "two other black ESPN hosts" to fill in for Hill on SporsCenter, but they declined and co-host Michael Smith reportedly refused to do the show without her.

Without mentioning Hill by name, Trump tweeted that ESPN should "apologize for untruth" and said it was losing subscribers.

The Democratic Coalition, an anti-Trump Super PAC, has filed an ethics complaint against Sarah Huckabee Sanders with the Office of Government Ethics for basically calling for ESPN host Jemele Hill to be fired.

First, she shared a picture of herself with members of the National Association of Black Journalists, including Eaves.

In a statement posted on Twitter Wednesday, the 6 p.m. SportsCenter co-host said, "My comments on Twitter expressed my personal beliefs".

So, it's not as though Hill was expressing some fringe viewpoint.

"We have addressed this with Jemele and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate", the statement concluded...

If ESPN does try sidelining Hill, trust there will be hell to pay.

She covered primarily MSU sports from 1999-2005 before joining ESPN. "I think America knows".

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