Watch this epic SpaceX rocket booster blooper reel go boom

SpaceX has put together a bloopers video showing

SpaceX has put together a bloopers video showing"How NOT to land an orbital rocket booster

SpaceX has put together a bloopers video showing "How NOT to land an orbital rocket booster".

It's uplifting, self-deprecating and just about the best way to spend a couple of minutes of your time. The destruction is shown in chronological order with captions explaining the many reasons they fail, from running out of hydraulic fluid to engine sensor failure.

Elon Musk himself posted this to Instagram and Twitter, as the SpaceX CEO continues to celebrate the failures that lead to eventual success. It's just a scratch, ' regardless of the fact that it is in pieces.

Another failed landing is captioned: "Well, technically, it did land... just not in one piece".

Now, since December 2015, the company has landed a total of 16 rockets, on either a landing platform at sea or its helicopter-like landing pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, turning what was once a jaw-dropping and unprecedented bit of aerial artistry into a somewhat ho-hum, to-be-expected exercise.

The booster gets tantalising close to an upright landing, but then tips over and explodes.

The video wraps up with footage of successful landings, so there's a happy ending to look forward to.

Rocket reusability has now become SpaceX's specialty, at least for their Falcon 9's boost stage.

'The course of true love never did run smooth, ' a video caption reads. Previous attempts resulted in on-impact destruction of the craft's booster.

SpaceX made its first successful drone ship landing in April 2016. But as SpaceX's video shows, it was a hard and painful path.

Musk teased the video's arrival last week: 'Putting together SpaceX rocket landing blooper reel.

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