Terror related arrests reach record high

Terror police have had to deal with attacks in Manchester and London this year

Terror police have had to deal with attacks in Manchester and London this year

"Significantly, it's the highest number of arrests in a year since they began recording terror arrest statistics back in 2001 after the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in the US".

Most of the arrests were linked to global terrorism but 52 were for domestic terrorism.

British official figures on Thursday showed that 379 people have been arrested for terrorism-related offences in the year ending June 2017, hitting a fresh record high in the country.

The figures reflect a surge in arrests as police made wide-ranging sweeps after deadly attacks in London and Manchester earlier this year.

The number of people arrested was not made available in Wednesday's release, nor would the Home Office provide it when asked.

Neil Basu, deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said: "While the terrorist threat has increased in recent months, so has our activity, reflected by this significant increase in arrests".

It also includes the 12 arrests made in relation to March's Westminster Bridge attack and the 23 which came after the attack on Manchester Arena.

It also includes the one arrest made after the vehicle attack near Finsbury Park Mosque.

Eight people were murdered by three jihadis who drove a van across London Bridge before attacking people with knives in Borough Market in June.

The United Kingdom has suffered a series of terror attacks this year.

The police and MI5 are typically running about 500 investigations involving 3,000 individuals at any time, and at least 20,000 former "subjects of interest" are also kept under review, according to the Sky News website. The Home Office said 91% of those prisoners held extreme Islamist views, while a further 5% had far-right ideologies. In the next 17 weeks, however, there were the four attacks in Manchester and London, while authorities thwarted six others.

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