Doom, Wolfenstein 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Direct news roundup

Two unexpected shooters are coming to Nintendo Switch

Doom for Nintendo Switch was one of the more eye-catching announcements, with Bethesda revealing that the popular shooter would be arriving this year.

Despite its age, Skyrim is still regarded as one of the best RPG game of all time but Nintendo has just announced that it will be released on the Nintendo Switch. The game will also run on the same engine on Switch with the Campaign and Multiplayer returning on the console with some new aspects being added into the multiplayer. In addition to these huge announcements, we've also got some launch windows to look forward to!

What won't be included is the SnapMap Editor, which is something Bethesda has ruled out for the Switch version.

Skyrim on Switch was given a solid release date, launching on November 17, 2017.

Regardless, it's a major win for the Switch to have Bethesda along for the ride.

Nintendo has announced through Nintendo Direct that Doom and Wolfenstein II The New Order will be coming to the Switch, With Doom releasing this Holiday on the Switch and Wolfenstein 2 hitting the console sometime next year both games are published by Bethesda. It should come as no surprise that the PS4 screenshots look sharper than the Switch ones do, but considering that the Switch is a much lower-end console compared to PS4 it's truly impressive that they were able to attain even these visuals on the hardware.

It won't be a new IP and this is further proven in the video below.

It will be interesting to see how Wolfenstein shapes up on the Nintendo Switch and how well it performs in handheld mode.

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