Macron to Visit St. Martin, Affected by Hurricane Irma

Springboks stage late comeback to earn thrilling draw in perth

Springboks stage late comeback to earn thrilling draw in perth

Another 44 soldiers will arrive on Monday, and 120 more will be deployed from The Netherlands to the stricken Caribbean island.

People on the islands of Saint Martin and Saint Barts on Sunday contemplated the task of rebuilding their lives after Hurricane Irma destroyed homes and roads and knocked out power and water. Haiti's government said on Tuesday more than 10,000 people were in shelters after heavy rains flooded the former French colony.

"It's been very useful to see for myself what awful damage this storm has done and in this way to also show the population of St. Martin and the governor and prime minister that we stand together here as a kingdom and that we will solve this together", he told reports on the island.

But he hit back at opposition figures of the left and right who accused authorities of failing to foresee the crisis, saying they were "instrumentalizing suffering".

Hurricane force winds extend 70 miles (110 kilometers) out from the 30-mile (48-kilometer) wide storm eye. "It's unbelievably chaotic." Arriving in Eindhoven, 30-year-old Clara James said the Dutch side of St Martin "literally looks like a war zone".

Most of the island of St. Martin is either severely damaged or destroyed.

Last week, the Category 5 Hurricane Irma hammered St. Barts and St. Martin islands, where it left at least 11 dead, seven missing people and over 100 injured, as well as almost total destruction of urban infrastructure.

She collapsed into a small plastic chair that has served as a makeshift bed since Irma ripped the roof off her home as it pummeled St. Martin as a Category 5 storm. The U.S. Embassy sustained some damage.

Hundreds of tourists were still trying to leave the island, with dozens lining up outside St. Maarten's Princess Juliana Airport, where only five large letters of its name remained. The Dutch military are using the runway, which was inundated by high tides during the hurricane, to ferry in aid supplies but say it's not yet open to civilian flights as there are no runway lights or air traffic control.

Those left behind on St. Thomas and St. John were surviving on whatever they could find as they tried to fix or secure their houses with whatever materials were available. A tanker with 350 tons of fresh water was also on its way.

Meanwhile, a mother picking up her daughter, a survivor who flew to Paris on Monday, said with condition of anonymity that government help was non-existent on Saint Martin.

President Emmanuel Macron has promised to rebuild France's Caribbean territories in the wake of Hurricane Irma's widespread destruction.

"The biggest problem in Barbuda now is the fact that you have so many dead animals in the water and so on, that there is a threat of disease".

"It's sad when you come home to this", she said as she began to cry.

"The UK government is doing everything it possibly can to help those affected by the hurricane", he said.

"We have had a swift response from Britain and we are extremely grateful for it", she told CNN.

The Dutch Red Cross has raised RM16m for the devastated islands in under a week.

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