Basketball star Dennis Rodman reveals his karaoke duets with Kim Jong

Dennis Rodman reveals he does karaoke with Kim Jong Un 'He's always smiling'

Dennis Rodman was on GMB to talk about Kim Jong Un

North Korea has long ignored warnings from the West and from its lone major ally, China, to halt its nuclear and missile tests which it conducts in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions.

According to Thornberry, it's critical for the country be strong militarily, arguing it strengthens Tillerson's hands in diplomacy and incentivizes China to work with the us on defending against North Korean aggressions.

The special assassination squad, which will be launched in December, was created by the South Korean defence ministry to neutralise "command and control" systems in the North, The Times reported.

He said: "It's incredible how we became such good friends with Russian Federation all of a sudden with Donald Trump.

He added he believes there is a "great possibility" the U.S. and North Korea could come to some sort of agreement should Trump and Kim sit down and talk.

"If the president even tries to reach out for Kim, I think it would be a great possibility things could happen..." Saying hi I would love to engage in some words and politics and over the history of your country and my country and just try to start some dialogue.

Listen to Rodman's full comments below via ITV.

Photos of Rodman and Kim.

Rodman has paid several visits to Kim in the isolated state but the two rarely discuss politics, the retired National Basketball Association star told British TV show Good Morning Britain.

He added of his relationship with Kim, "I basically hang out with him all the time, we laugh, we sing karaoke, we do a lot of cool things together". The 56-year-old retired basketball star has known the controversial politician since 2013, and has said their unlikely friendship sees the pair get together for karaoke nights, as well as embarking on skiing trips, horse riding, and talking about anything other than politics. "We hardly ever talk politics".

Rodman insisted, repeatedly throughout the interview, that he wasn't an apologist for North Korea.

He concluded: "I don't love him". I'm not defending him, I'm not defending the fact that what he does as far as his country and his leadership.

When asked by Piers what the dictator was really like in person, Dennis said: 'Everytime I see him, he's always calm, he's always smiling. Whatever concerns or complaints Americans may have about immigration in general, we shouldn't threaten the future of this group of young people who are here through no fault of their own, who pose no threat, who are not taking away anything from the rest of us...

South Korea's defense ministry launched a plan to kill Kim dubbed Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR), local news service News 1 reported.

Rodman also professed his support for Trump, whom he endorsed for president two years ago.

I can't wait to tell my grandkids about how Dennis Rodman saved the world.

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