PRICES PEAK Retail gas prices expected to fall

PRICES PEAK Retail gas prices expected to fall

PRICES PEAK Retail gas prices expected to fall

As Southeast Texas continues to recover from the effects of Hurricane Harvey, motorists in 26 USA states are paying 25 to 44 cents more for a gallon of unleaded gasoline compared to one week ago, according to newly-released data from AAA.

According to AAA, gas price averages have increased since Harvey hit nearly two weeks ago.

Statewide, the average price of regular unleaded had risen to $2.53 per gallon by mid-afternoon Tuesday, up from $2.19 a week earlier, Armbruster said.

Price-gouging laws remain in effect under North Carolina's state of emergency as Hurricane Irma approaches the East Coast, but charging excessively high prices can be hard to prove if most stations have similar prices, Stein said. Only four states have not seen an increase in gas prices (Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii and Utah), but AAA added prices are stable there. But many of those refineries are back in operation and others are expected to resume production by the end of the week, Redman said.

"AAA will continue to monitor Irma's path and the potential impact the hurricane could have on Carolinians, as well as the refineries, pipelines and distribution", she said. "With the Colonial Pipeline having shut down last week due to a lack of products, Florida and the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic may be a touch-and-go area for gasoline". "Much remains in the air, but the situation promises to be challenging if Irma threatens the USA mainland".

Franklin County and Adams County residents have to pay the highest prices at the pump in the area. Auglaize County saw the second-largest increase, with the average gas price rising 27 cents. About GasBuddy GasBuddy is the technology company changing the way more than 70 million consumers find, purchase, and save money on gasoline.

Some 74% of USA gas stations are selling gas for $2.75 or less while only 7% are selling above $3 per gallon.

GasBuddy bases its figures on reports from volunteer “price spotters” reporting specific locations in the us and Canada. "They could get a hotel room, get off the island, and not be part of a traffic jam on I-75".

While some believe the increase is temporary, DeHaan said where gas prices go will depend on how quickly Texas recovers from Harvey and what will happen once Hurricane Irma makes landfall. As Hurricane Irma approaches, prompting long auto lines and outages at some stations, there's an app for that.

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