Trump tells GOP to start work on tax cuts

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Trump tells GOP to start work on tax cuts

The House voted overwhelmingly on Friday to send a $15.3 billion disaster aid package to President Donald Trump, overcoming conservative objections to linking the emergency legislation to a temporary increase in America's borrowing authority.

Trump is expected to sign it swiftly into law. All 90 votes cast against the measure were made by Republicans, including Reps. "It gives us a possibility for passing the DREAM Act".

On Wednesday, Mr Trump, living up to his reputation for unpredictability, met congressional leaders from both parties and overruled the Republicans and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who wanted a longer-term debt-limit extension rather than the three-month Democratic proposal the President embraced.

Some Democrats also objected, and faulted Schumer and Pelosi for failing to win protections for the 800,000 immigrants endangered by the Trump administration's decision on Tuesday to rescind the DACA program.

"I support and have voted for funding government at the appropriate levels after input from all elected representatives in the regular appropriations bills", Mooney said.

Some analysts, however, expressed optimism that more bipartisan cooperation may be on the horizon, at a time of bitter partisanship between the two parties - so much that it has kept lawmakers in legislative deadlock at a crucial time. "And believe me, as a Republican, so am I. As a citizen, I am, too", the White House budget director and former Republican congressman Mick Mulvaney said on Fox Business.

A senior Democratic aide told NBC News Thursday that Pelosi told her colleagues at a whip meeting she specifically asked Trump to tweet a message clarifying that current DACA recipients would not be subject to deportation for another six months.

"If they had the votes, we wouldn't have been having the meeting". But he said after talking to the president and House Speaker Paul Ryan, he did not think there was cause for concern.

"Please vote for this bill", said Rep.

"I thought it was absolutely the right thing to do", the former SC congressman said. "Could have been so easy - now a mess!" the president said on August 24. He's cyberbullied me. You know, I bit my tongue when he did things that were racist and misogynist but I'm done with that. Now, if the president or others want to sit down and talk based on that, I'd be glad to come up to the table. The author of "The Art of the Deal" has shown that he can make deals when he needs to.

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