As North Korea celebrates Founders, South Korea braces for missile test

As North Korea celebrates Founders, South Korea braces for missile test

As North Korea celebrates Founders, South Korea braces for missile test

The United States call South Korea as one of their core allies, but it unfortunately seems to try to meddle in too many military issues, including the range and payloads of our ballistic missiles, at critical moments like this.

In contrast to United States preparations for a possible war with North Korea, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he is "sure that a large-scale conflict, especially with the use of weapons of mass destruction, will not happen".

The first time North Korea successfully performed an ICBM test was in May.

In response to the North's sixth nuclear test, the U.S., South Korea and others have been pushing for a new package of powerful sanctions on the North, including banning crude oil supplies to the country and freezing the assets of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

"Seoul also seeks to achieve North Korea's denuclearisation peacefully", Cho added.

President Trump said Thursday that the North Korean regime has been "behaving badly" and reaffirmed the potential of the US using military force to deal with North Korea's provocations.

North Korea's state media marked the nation's founding anniversary Saturday with calls for a nuclear arms buildup, in defiance of mounting worldwide sanctions.

"Military action would certainly be an option", Trump told a White House news conference.

On Thursday and Friday, the US and South Korea are set to conduct a joint anti-submarine drill, Yonhap news agency reported.

President Moon has repeatedly stated his opposition to military conflict on the Korean Peninsula, preferring instead to hold talks with the North. The demand contradicted the stance of their host, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who in an earlier meeting with Moon dismissed sanctions as a solution.

When pressed on whether he could accept North Korea having nuclear weapons but being "contained and deterred", Mr Trump replied, "I don't put my negotiations on the table, unlike past administrations". Around 8,000 South Korean police officers broke up a blockade of about 300 anti-THAAD villagers and civic groups, leaving more than 30 people injured in the clash, Reuters reported on Thursday. "Defense authorities should also consider ways to nullify the North's missile capabilities through cyber attacks or interference by electromagnetic pulses".

Moon, who was elected in May after a corruption scandal engulfed his predecessor, Park Guen-hye, bringing about her impeachment, still enjoys great popularity among South Koreans.

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