Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett injures ankle, status for opener unknown

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Garrett has previously dealt with foot-related injuries prior to making it into the National Football League, notably dealing with a left ankle injury during his third and final season in College Station, Texas. Haden, who spent seven seasons with Cleveland, said he didn't sign with rival to spite Browns but for chance to finally make playoffs.

"You shouldn't be scared to take anybody down", Garrett said. Multi-talented Bell averaged 157 yards from scrimmage per game in 2016 and became first player in history to average more than 100 yards rushing, 50 receiving in single season.

"He took me under his wing early - I guess that's more of a center-quarterback thing - but he's always done a great job at being a leader", Pouncey said. Since then, the spread has changed to 9 points flat and the posted total to 47 with 62% of the bettors going in favor of the underdog, the Steelers, and the remaining 38% for the Browns.

"I think there is probably a propensity for increased injury in the stadium if you haven't done this. But I want to tell stories about guys I played with, about how we play, how we practice, anything that I picked up along my way".

It's up to them to know their assignments and their responsibilities. "But just seeing the big plays that's happened on each side, it just shows that it's something to look forward to and live up to". Now, a complete accident has Cleveland's franchise pass rusher sidelined.

Another first overall pick, Courtney Brown, dealt with injury after injury. "I was super excited when we got him". I feel like that's the pick that is a stamp. One rule they used to tell me - kill the head and the body's dead. He just has stuff that you can't teach - his motor, his professionalism and his attitude. He lasted one game - and got hurt trying to run out of bounds to avoid a hit.

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