Holiday Pit Stop set for Labor Day Weekend

Gas prices shot up to $1.239 per litre in Windsor on Thursday

Gas prices shot up to $1.239 per litre in Windsor on Thursday

"Once refineries are back to full operation, we should expect to see gas prices fall towards the end of September".

And drivers could face higher gas prices in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey - with potential delays for pipeline deliveries, refinery closures and widespread flooding throughout Texas and parts of Louisiana.

Already, prices at the pump have spiked to $2.75 a gallon for regular gas at stations in Milton and Sunbury, according to

The numbers are soaring toward a three-year high, but travel experts say drivers are willing to pay the price this Labor Day weekend.

"Last week it was $2.19, a couple of weeks ago it was just $1.99", says Tillis. The average price was under $2 a gallon late in July.

Since Harvey hit Houston last week, gas prices have risen $0.17 per gallon on average in Panama City.

"Summer is behind us, we're heading into the winter months. and we tend to see prices go down during this time", she said.

"It's going to get worse before it gets better", Ingram said.

"I think it's temporary and hopefully it will get better soon", says Sandler.

National auto group AAA expects to see the price at the pump statewide rise a minimum of 5 to 15 cents, reaching the highest seasonal prices since 2014.

Albany gas prices jumped almost five cents on Friday to an average of $2.53 per gallon.

In cooperation with the South Carolina Departments of Transportation, Parks, Recreation and Tourism, and Public Safety, a Holiday Pit Stop will be held over Labor Day Weekend at the North Augusta Welcome Center on Interstate 20 East.

"We won't have any supply issues here", he said.

"It will probably increase another ten, maybe even twenty cents here within the next week", Josh Carrasco, a spokesman for AAA said. "Typically, Labor Day gas prices trend down, but this year because of Hurricane Harvey we're trending up".

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