Alexa, Cortana talk to each other in Amazon-Microsoft deal

Microsoft updates Cortana on Android with Amazon's Alexa integration and new features

Alexa, Cortana talk to each other in Amazon-Microsoft deal

According to the companies, this assistant integration will be first available on Windows 10 devices later this year, followed by Android and iOS.

Per the deal, an Amazon user, who owns an Echo speaker, can ask Alexa to open Cortana and use its exclusive features like accessing work calendars, Office 365 integration and other important reminders.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) also created a skill for Amazon's platform, where users read out their vehicle registration number and the virtual assistant responds with the vehicle tax and MOT status.

The combined powers of Alexa and Cortana will enable users the ability to seamlessly tap into work, their homes and shop online.

If you own an Amazon Echo speaker and want to interact with Microsoft's Cortana, you will now just need to say, "Alexa, open Cortana".

As the race to build the most intelligent assistant heats up, the Amazon-Microsoft partnership represents a shift in the outlook of the voice assistant market.

Similarly, Cortana customers can ask Alexa to control their smart home devices, shop on and interact with numerous more than 20,000 skills built by third-party developers. "Alexa is a great step towards that goal", Nadella said.

Do you have multiple Amazon Echo devices and a desire to rock the house?

Alexa and Cortana should be able to summon each other by the end of this year. For example, Alexa is seen as a gateway into Amazon's huge e-commerce and Prime membership ecosystem, while Apple's HomePod is reported to work best with the company's music market.

Come to think about it, the joint venture of Amazon and Microsoft is logical, albeit unusual. Microsoft Corporation has figured that the king of the voice assistants is the company which gets its product into the most homes.

That leaves Apple's Siri and the Google Assistant out of the mix.

Simply make sure your Amazon Alexa app is up to date and you should be able to use it to group speakers, or play music on certain ones in your home.

We've seen a recent explosion in the number of available AI chat assistants on smartphones and computers of late, with Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon and Microsoft all jostling to be the ideal imitation of the computer systems that series such as Star Trek predicted decades ago.

Since then, Amazon has sealed its place as a leader in the market for digital assistants. Additionally, it would encourage more users to start talking with their devices.

CEOs Satya Nadella of Microsoft and Jeff Bezos of Amazon have said that they would welcome the other two tech giants if they were to join the initiative and open up so all voice assistants could get along.

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