Omarosa Neutered by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly shakes hands with President Donald Trump on July 31 after being privately sworn in during a ceremony in the Oval Office in Washington

Omarosa Neutered by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly

On Friday morning, Trump tweeted out some praise for John Kelly saying what a great job he's doing because obviously he understands that Kelly's getting really fed up with the fact that he's trying to make Donald Trump a better person, but Trump simply doesn't want to make himself any better. Before Kelly's reign, she enjoyed direct access to the Oval Office, but the former Marine seeks to limit her influence on Trump, the Daily Beast reports.

More importantly, it shows that Donald Trump is the kind of guy who does not care what people who are smarter than him have to say.

Privately, The Times' Glenn Thrush and Maggie Haberman wrote, Kelly was incensed by Trump's bite, telling White House staff he had never been spoken to in that way during his 35 years of military service, according to three sources familiar with the talk.

"He's having a very hard time", a friend said, according to the Post.

Mark Taylor, a "firefighter prophet" and conspiracy theory extraordinaire, told right-wing activist Sheila Zilinsky last week that he believed President Donald Trump purposefully fired Breitbart CEO and former White House adviser Steve Bannon from his administration in order to fulfill a prophetic word that called on Christians to destroy the modern news media.

Trump "doesn't like" how Kelly is handling him, the report said. "He is, however, thrilled that he has been able to stop staffers including Omarosa from bolting into the Oval Office and triggering the president with White House [palace] intrigue stories".

Trump chafes at some of the retired Marine Corps general's moves to restrict access to him since he took the job nearly a month ago, said several people close to the president. "He doesn't like how Kelly's handling him". Yes, there was the "very fine people on both sides" moment, with Kelly memorably hanging his head in frustration.

The New York Times published one of its slice of life in the West Wing stories yesterday, and as always, it's filled with fascinating minutiae about the insane dysfunction of the Trump White House. The president continues to call business friends and outside advisers, including former chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, from his personal phone when Kelly is not around, said people with knowledge of the calls. If Trump brings in an establishment Republican in the Josh Bolten mold, Beltway GOPers will be happy but populists will not, and inevitably Trump will have the same sort of clashes with the new guy as he has with Kelly.

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