Maruti Suzuki opens Arena to sell two million cars by 2020

Maruti rebrands sales channel as Maruti Suzuki Arena, promises premium experience

Maruti Suzuki to rebrand its car showroom network in India

The new showrooms, christened Maruti Suzuki ARENA, will be tailored towards providing a more modern and technologically advanced experience to vehicle buyers, the company said.

While it will continue to sell premium models through its Nexa channel, all other models will be sold via the Maruti Suzuki ARENA network.

Through Arena, customers can experience the convenience of booking their cars or even personalising their vehicles through the new-look website.

"Maruti Suzuki Arena is at the core of our strategy to transform our network and meet customer expectations".

The investment of about 10 million rupees to 15 million rupees ($156,280 to $234,406) in each of the new showrooms will be dealer-centric, while Maruti Suzuki will provide support in the form of technology and design. The Maruti Suzuki ARENA will make use of digital technology to serve customers in a better way.

About 75% auto buyers in India research online before deciding on a purchase, the company said and the revamp is being done keeping in mind the reducing gap between digital and physical space in accessing information. "It will enhance transparency and delight customers with an exciting purchase experience, from the digital space to physical showrooms", said the managing director and CEO of Maruti Suzuki, Kenichi Ayukawa. In the next three to five years most of the existing dealerships will be converted into ARENA outlets. "This experience travels seamlessly to the showroom through the advanced navigation portal". A dedicated personalization zone with auto configurators will enable customers to electronically personalise cars by mixing and matching accessories. "They know exactly what they want and they make sure they have enough knowledge of the product before they go to a showroom to make a purchase", he said. "Technology will also assist the Relationship Managers who, equipped with tablets and an app, will showcase the wide range of Maruti Suzuki products and variants to customers for ease of comparison", it added.

Maruti Suzuki commands more the 50 per cent of the market share in the Indian auto industry.

A Coffee Consultation Area and an Owners' Lounge will set the mood for friendly conversations, he said.

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