WWE Smackdown Results: Shinsuke Nakamura, Randy Orton defeat Jinder Mahal, Rusev

The Ravishing Russian declares that Tamina's path of destruction to the Smack Down Women's Championship begins next week

SmackDown & 205 Live Preview - Shelton Benjamin In Action, Ziggler Returns

Furthermore, despite the fact that Ziggler's future with the company appears uncertain, WWE management plan to use him so as to make Roode look good against the possibly outgoing Showoff. They also apologize to him, because they embarrassed him last week through their ignorance and lack of skill. They now want to kiss his feet on behalf of India. Orton is knocked out of the ring and Mahal drops Shinsuke with a Khallas. This led to Orton running down to make the save but that didn't last long as Rusev ran down and hit a super kick to Orton. He can't clear the ring, before Rusev shows up, though.

- Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin made his return to the WWE ring on tonight's SmackDown from Arkansas, teaming with Chad Gable to defeat The Ascension.

Gable and Benjamin worked over Victor with quick tags in the early going. Gable back in and the suplexes continue. Viktor tags back in, as he lays the boots to Gable. They don't quite have the chemistry yet, but Benjamin gets the hot tag and takes out Konnor and Viktor. So where does that leave United States Champion AJ Styles? Elsewhere, there was very little development in the other title pictures, and the only thing of interest that transpired Tuesday is where we start our recap.

They lock up and exchange shots. He damn near cost AJ the title last week, so Styles will surely be looking for payback on tonight's show. Styles goes for the Phenomenal forearm, but Tye is able to catch him on his shoulders. Corbin retreated to the floor and they exchanged words to end the segment.

Jinder Mahal has defeated both Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura in singles action. Rusev flat out tells him this is about revenge. Roode toys with Kanellis and then taunts him.

Two veteran superstars return and what next for Kevin Owens?

In continuing a recent trend, Kevin Owens comes down to the ring to complain about how he was screwed out of the United States Championship (with evidence proving so).

Kevin Owens failed to regain the title following interference from Shane McMahon. And yes, the US title is most certainly the No. 1 championship on this program right now; it's holder is better and the storylines surrounding it are more complete.

Seeds continue to be planted for an Owens-McMahon bout. and the next SmackDown-branded pay-per-view just so happens to be Hell in a Cell on October 8. This led to McMahon walking out to the stage. He said he counted a fair pinfall for Styles. Aiden makes the pin and Owens counts a fast three. McMahon said that he and the fans are exhausted of listening to Owens. Aiden has a match with Sami Zayn. Back to full screen, and Konnor hits a spinebuster for 2. With one eye on Jimmy, Kingston attempted a crossbody of the top rope but landed safely as Jey moved out of the way. Zayn tosses English from the ring and follows with a plancha. Owens hit his pop-up powerbomb to Zayn and English covered him for the win.

Renee Young catches up with Baron Corbin to ask him about squandering his Money in the Bank. He then cut another shoot-style promo about his ability and efforts and how he's always been taken for granted. It looked like Corbin was getting buried a week ago, so it's nice to see him settling in now.

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