Mattis assembling panel to discuss transgender troops

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Defense Secretary stalls Donald Trump's trans military ban for the time being

"Without input from the Department of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff, and without any deliberative process, President Trump cast aside the rigorous, evidence-based policy of the Open Service Directive, and replaced it with discredited myths and stereotypes, uninformed speculation, and animus against people who are transgender".

The BBC said the measure could affect between 4,000 and 10,000 active-duty and reserve service members.

Despite what some headlines might suggest, Mattis isn't exactly putting a freeze on Trump's transgender policy. Trump gave Defense Secretary Jim Mattis authority to decide the matter of openly transgender individuals already serving.

Trump's move has been backed by certain sections of the Republican party.

"I don't think we should be discriminating against anyone". Until that happens, however, we will have to wait until Mattis compiles his findings for the President.

More than ever, we need reporters to fact check these stories and not simply repeat false information that is being used to set up an attempted cover for one of the most shocking acts of official discrimination the transgender community has ever experienced. The White House also did not respond to a request for comment. Even the Republicans pushing President Trump to stop covering trans related health care costs didn't ask him to go so far as to institute a ban, and numerous generals have come out against it. Susan Collins of Maine.

Serving trans members will remain in place for a little while yet.

. And that's why Mattis ordered his study: to determine if new transgender recruits are worth that investment. Recently, Mattis announced that his decision regarding current troops would be on hold until a government panel completes a study about the impact of allowing transgender people to openly serve their country.

The fate of the Senate effort opposing Trump's directive on the defense bill may lie with McCain, who is expected to return to Washington following his first round of cancer treatment to lead debate on the defense authorization bill.

Last year, the non-partisan research company, Rand Corporation, studied transgender troops in the military and found that there were thousands of transgender individuals serving. What is actually going on with the transgender military ban? "It says a great deal about the priority you and your president [Moon Jae-in] place on the relationship", Mattis said in opening remarks at the meeting.

Under Carter's order, the USA military faced a July 1 deadline to set its policy on transgender recruits.

The necessary step to making across-the-board policy changes for the military is an order from the secretary of defense.

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