Led airstrikes block IS evacuees from reaching eastern Syria

Syrian Children Fleeing Raqqa 'Tormented' By Years Under IS Control: Charity

US-backed commander in Syria says Raqqa battle will end in 2 months

A coalition spokesman, Colonel Ryan Dillon, threatened Wednesday that a convoy of buses and ambulances carrying hundreds of ISIS fighters and their families was a legitimate target for US forces.

Islamic State group fighters and their families began evacuating a Syrian-Lebanese border region on Monday, under an unprecedented deal to end three years of militant presence there, Syrian state television and Hizballah said.

The top USA envoy for the global coalition against IS, Brett McGurk, tweeted Wednesday that IS "terrorists should be killed on the battlefield, not bused across #Syria to the Iraqi border without #Iraq's consent".

"To prevent the convoy from moving further east, we cratered the road and destroyed a small bridge", US Army Col. Ryan Dillon, spokesman for the anti-ISIS coalition, told the Agence France-Presse. Lebanese officials say they are nearly sure the remains are of the soldiers.

The Syrian army and its allies are advancing eastwards through central Syria along several fronts in their own offensive towards Deir al-Zor, where a government enclave has been besieged by Islamic State for years.

This is not the first time Hezbollah drones have been seen in Syria. Lebanese officials say they are nearly sure the remains are of the soldiers.

"The Lebanese army can now set up checkpoints along the border comfortably because the security threat on the other side is no longer there", Nasrallah said. "We are expecting the number to go up to eight", Ibrahim said, adding, "We believe that these remains belong to the soldiers".

Earlier, Lebanon's President Michel Aoun hailed a "victory over terrorism".

The US views Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and US President Donald Trump has condemned Hezbollah as a menace.

The convoy of buses and ambulances left the border region on Monday after a ceasefire took effect on Sunday.

State news agency SANA said 10 people were killed and 28 wounded when the vehicles they were traveling in drove over mines.

The statement was referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, another name for Daesh.

Buses carrying Daesh fighters and their families departed western Syria on Tuesday bound for territory the group controls near the Iraqi border. He added that "the coalition has not struck the convoy".

He added that the coalition was closely monitoring the convoy and where it was headed. The YPG is the most powerful component of the SDF, and the female unit has played a leading frontline role on the battlefield during the Raqqa campaign.

And by mentioning Russian Federation by name, the Trump administration is telling Moscow and Damascus "to stop the charade that Mr Assad cares about beating ISIL in eastern Syria", said Mr Heras.

The top US envoy for the worldwide coalition against Daesh, Brett McGurk, tweeted on Wednesday that it is "irreconcilable" that Daesh "terrorists should be killed on the battlefield, not bused across #Syria to the Iraqi border without #Iraq's consent".

Months before the deal, the Syrian regime said both Damascus and Moscow's air forces were targeting ISIS in eastern Syria.

A commander in the pro-Assad military alliance said Syria and Hizbollah had accepted ISIL's evacuation rather than a fight to the end, to avert a bloody war of attrition.

The SDF had a solid core of about 15,000 fighters in the Raqqa offensive, Ahmed said.

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