Users take to other social media with Facebook and Instragram down

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Social networking platforms Facebook and Instagram this afternoon had gone offline for a brief period with users appear unable to load the pages on their mobile phones and desktops.

According to, Facebook has only suffered 10 outages so far and none exceeded more than an hour.

Facebook and Instagram users have been plagued with blackouts today as the sites were unexpectedly taken down.

Thousands of Facebook users across the world, including Pakistan, reported on Saturday that they can not access the social media site. In April of 2012, Instagram was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion.

The technical problems appeared to be resolved for many users shortly before 3.30pm.

Facebook also posted a message for its users which was first picked up by a United Kingdom website Express.

"It's back! I just woke up, have coffee, and only was "Facebook-less" for about 10 minutes", wrote one user.

If you woke up Saturday and jumped on to your computer or phone to check out what's happening on Facebook, you may have had some trouble.

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