Volkswagen to bring back the Bus-as an EV

Production Volkswagen I.D. Buzz set for 2022 release image

Volkswagen To Launch Electric Microbus In 2022

Volkswagen has batted around ideas for updates on their iconic minibus over the years, but now they've made it official that this model, dubbed the I.D. Buzz, will go into production in 2022, as Road & Track reports. Variable seating, interactive connectivity and highly automated driving will all be part of the production model's specification. Europe, North America and China are expected to be prime markets.

Production of the new electric van marks a new chapter in the successful 70-year history of the VW Microbus and has been announced ahead of the Concours d'Elegance in Pebble Beach, California. "And it's the ideal fit for the zero-emissions American lifestyle". With all these American retro vibes among young adults, Volkswagen made a decision to relaunch an improved and electric version of the microbus, promoting road trips in old-school vehicles under the under the hashtag #vanlife.

As was the case with the concept, the production model will have its batteries mounted in the vehicle floor.

Although Volkswagen's oldest and newest Microbuses will be separated by more than seven decades when the new model is launched, the I.D. Buzz undoubtedly has the original's genes - as it offers maximum utilization of space on the footprint of a mid-size passenger vehicle.

Production Volkswagen I.D. Buzz set for 2022 release
Volkswagen Says Electric Microbus is Coming in 2022

The auto manufacturer's I.D Buzz Microbus bears a striking resemblance to is original camper van made popular during the 1960s Hippie era, but is now all-electric.

It went on to become an instantly recognisable symbol in popular culture - synonymous with the 1960s counter culture movement, the vehicle of choice for travellers and commonly seen in popular TV programmes and films. "Now we're bringing it back by developing Volkswagen's next e-generation and by reinventing the Bulli as an electric vehicle".

On Saturday, Volkswagen confirmed that it will put the electric I.D. Image Credit: Volkswagen / Fox NewsIt "looks like a compact commercial van on the outside, even though it offers the generous interior space of a large SUV", Diess said.

VW says the new all-wheel-drive machine will be able to transport eight passengers and get up to 270 miles of all-battery range.

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