Toddler causes mayhem during live news fail

Milk debate turns sour as toddler runs amok in news studio

Little girl steals the show as she takes over mum's live news interview

Watch above, via ITV News. "When children take over your desk when you're halfway through an interview".

Iris Wronka stole the show while appearing on UK's ITV News alongside her older brother George and her mother Lucy during the lunchtime bulletin, reports The Daily Mail.

Alastair was presenting a segment alongside a mum named Lucy Wronka, as they discussed new guidelines for testing milk allergies in babies.

As he discussed simple guidelines for checking for allergies in babies with mother Lucy Wronka, her daughter Iris made a decision to turn the studio into her playground.

Failing to get her legs on top of the slippery studio desk from the front, she tried another way.

The presenter informed viewers the toddler "will do whatever she chooses to do for the next couple of minutes", before continuing with the interview. Remember Robert Kelly, the Korea expert whose interview with the BBC went awry after his toddler burst in?

Meanwhile, her son George sat quietly as his sister bounded around the studio and even climbed on Stewart's desk to give him a high-five.

Viewers were delighted by Iris' behaviour.

The young girl persevered with her quest throughout her brother's televised interview.

Eventually the segment came to a close, as he promised a "more peaceful time" during the 6 p.m. hour. "You just carry on there".

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