Exclusives Coming to Rocket League on Switch

Rocket League Switch Has Nintendo Cars!

Rocket League to get Nintendo-themed cars on Switch

Of course the real star is the vehicle based on Samus' Gunship, which comes complete with some sci-fi wheels.

As announced back at E3 earlier this year, the Nintendo Switch version of car-soccer mashup Rocket League is getting some exclusive Nintendo-themed cars and customisation items, and now we get our first good look at what they are thanks to a new trailer from developer Psyonix. The best part about these exclusive cars is the fact that all three of them will be coming to the Nintendo Switch free of charge.

Mario, Luigi, and Samus-themed cars have been officially revealed, along with two boosters based on Mario's stars and Metroid's wave beam effects. Not only that but the image implies we'll see a Power Star boost trail. That also applies for the Samus Gunship where you get the basic colors for the orange team and a variation of blue Suit for the blue team. The two brothers also can't play together, which is a little sad - because the Mario variant is for orange team, and the Luigi one's for the blue team. The Samus vehicle even features a "Wave Beam" rocket boost that is exclusive to that auto. The Mario and Luigi vehicles are technically one NSR auto that come in two different colors.

It was already guaranteed that I'd be buying Rocket League on Switch, but I guess Nintendo wanted to make sure.

Rocket League for Nintendo Switch doesn't yet have a release date, although it is expected to arrive Holiday 2017.

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