Super NES Classic Edition Ad Goes 90s, Reveals Rewind Feature

Nintendo opens pre-orders for $80 Super NES Classic Edition

Nintendo's making a SNES-themed 3DS XL

By the time many people heard about it, the miniature classic consoles were already sold out. It was something everybody wanted.

Still, if you're a fan looking to buy a SNES Classic Edition, this is a frustrating situation.

This time, it's the Super NES Classic Edition that goes on sale on September 29 and pre-orders are now being taken at Amazon, while quantities last. Nintendo retroactively claimed that the NES Classic was always meant to be a limited item, with production of the console ending in April of this year after months of shortages. "We know this is incredibly disappointing to those customers and we apologize for the mistake", the retailer said in a statement. Target is also rumored to be dropping a pre-order link at some point today for the $79.99 system. As the name suggests, this rewind feature will let players turn back the clock when they screw up. Gamers who played SNES games as a kid on the original SNES may scoff at this, but these games can be hard, and harder than you remember. Most importantly, StarFox 2 will finally be playable.

Nintendo is about to release a miniature version of its Super Nintendo video game console. Well, we have some good news, as the gaming console is now in stock on Amazon Canada for $399.

Just having the option to rewind is pretty sweet ... you know, as long as you can get your hands on a console.

Due to a possible "technical glitch", Walmart made the pre-sale for the Super NES Classic Editions available in July - and, of course, they sold out within minutes.

If you woke up feeling especially salty this morning, it's probably because you slept through Best Buy and Amazon's initial SNES Classic pre-orders.

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