Trump speaks with Guam's governor in extremely candid phone call

Japan’s Aegis-equipped destroyers are designed to stop ballistic missiles but analysts have questioned how effective they would actually

Japan’s Aegis-equipped destroyers are designed to stop ballistic missiles but analysts have questioned how effective they would actually beAFP

(CNN) - President Donald Trump will speak by phone with Chinese President Xi Jinping Friday night about North Korea, he told reporters.

Furthermore, his administration has been hitherto hampering THAAD's deployment through the plausibly deniable means of conducting "environmental assessments" rabbit its impact, but now that Trump has provoked a new crisis with North Korea, President Moon has considerably less flexibility to stand in his way. State-run media ensures that the population gets the North Korean side of the story, but doesn't convey any sense of worldwide concern about the situation.

As tensions continue to rise between the United States and North Korea, folks are suddenly remembering that even if the DPRK can't strike the continental USA, if they really wanted to, they could cause problems for our allies and territories. "We are not just a military installation", Calvo said in an online video message.

Trump's rhetoric, however, stands in stark contrast to an ongoing back channel for negotiations between the United States and North Korea.

Mr. Calvo, who has been Guam's governor since 2011, concluded that there was some concern among the public on Guam but no panic and the authorities were "very confident" that there was no heightened threat despite the warnings from North Korea which were first made on Wednesday. The Associated Press reported Friday that talks between North Koreans and a US official continue through a back channel previous used to negotiate the return of Americans held in North Korea.

Trump said he thought United States allies South Korea and Japan were "very happy" with how he was handling the confrontation. "They're leaders discussing a rise in fame and tourism, while the world is watching our island carefully to see if we'll still be here tomorrow". The angst even has a name in Seoul: Korea Passing.

"We still hope and believe that common sense will prevail."The annual joint US-South Korean military exercise, called Ulchi-Freedom Guardian, is expected to proceed as scheduled starting on August 21, said Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Logan, a Pentagon spokesman". "Take cover behind anything that might offer protection". Hundreds of thousands of troops and huge arsenals are arrayed on both sides of the tense demilitarized zone between the two Koreas.

Washington has warned it is ready to use force if needed to stop North Korea's ballistic missile and nuclear programs but that it prefers global diplomatic action, including sanctions.

USA. financial markets took the rhetorical escalation in stride on Friday. On Friday, he veered from North Korea to comments on politics. He said he had been in touch with the White House and there was no change in the threat level. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.07 percent while the S and P 500 gained 0.13 percent and the Nasdaq Composite firmed 0.64 percent.

"I think escalating the rhetoric is the wrong answer", Merkel added.

"I see the need for enduring work at the UN Security Council ... as well as tight cooperation between the countries involved, especially the United States and China", Merkel told reporters in Berlin. "Perhaps she is referring to Germany".

"We will be scrupulously neutral", Ellison said.

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