Floyd Mayweather's Teammates Talk About The Conor McGregor-Paulie Malignaggi Situation

Nathan Cleverly to face Badou Jack on Mayweather v McGregor event, August 26

OFFICIAL: Mayweather vs McGregor undercard announced

Owner of a 12-2 record at the time, McGregor had built a positive reputation in Europe, but that wasn't what initially sold the UFC boss.

"He's a scumbag", Malignaggi said of McGregor.

"He was flattened against the ropes; multiple times the ropes kept him on his feet".

"When you think about it, is that a bad thing, opening this thing up to a housewife in Idaho, Iowa, Kansas.is that a bad thing, for it to be accessible in Costco?" There are certain levels you don't stoop to and certain levels you just don't go to. "The man was badly, badly concussed. And I'll rule over both (boxing and MMA) with an iron fist - an iron left fist", he told reporters. Malignaggi did concede McGregor got the better of him in the final two rounds.

Days after Malignaggi posted a statement on Friday morning explaining that he has chose to leave the Irishman's camp after just two sessions, White's sparring clip has brought about plenty of debate. Malignaggi especially took umbrage with the second photo; he said that moment was the result of a pushdown, which the aforementioned video footage seems to support.

Floyd Mayweather has formally requested to wear 8oz gloves against Irishman Conor McGregor during their much-anticipated showdown in #Las Vegas later this month.

McGregor worked out for about an hour and a half, hitting the bags and putting on a show for the media assembled. "I'm pretty sure this fight is not going the distance". What better way for a guy like him to exit under a load of questions. "I can say that after the fight is over on August 26, everyone is going to be happy". He said that they will be flexible and adaptable because they're customer-service orientated. "You cant prepare for me, you can't prepare for me". This never came up during Mayweather's back-and-forth with the assembled media, but Leonard Ellerbe said that it wouldn't bother Mayweather in the least if some folks insisted on attaching an asterisk to it.

Mayweather arrived the gym in style. But he's also correct about ticket sales, given it makes sense that the cheapest (a relative term in this case) would have sold first and those in much higher-priced areas of the arena probably will be grabbed closer to August 26 by celebrities and corporate suits wanting to attend.

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