Overwatch is getting Deathmatch modes and new map

Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game modes are coming to Overwatch

Overwatch is getting Deathmatch modes and new map

In Deathmatch players will find modified versions of maps already present in Overwatch.

In "Team Deathmatch" mode, players will play 6v6 with the winning team reaching 30 kills first. As an added twist in Team Deathmatch, Mercy's ultimate ability, Resurrect, will take kills away from the opponents' scoreboard, making her a valuable asset.

After the longest time, Blizzard has finally released a Deathmatch mode for Overwatch, and they've also revealed a new map!

Specifically, there will be two Deathmatch modes available when it comes out of the PTR.

So what changed? Jeff says the opening of the Arcade past year "opened up our ability to as developers to introduce game modes to you guys that we wouldn't normally feel comfortable putting in the quick-play or competitive rotation". Additionally, story elements for the character will be sprinkled throughout the map similar to Winston and the Horizon Lunar Colony map.

Maps that these two modes can be played in include Hanamura, Volskaya Industries, Dorado, Eichenwalde, Hollywood and King's Row. If you do want to play with some teammates in Deathmatch, you will have that option too in the Team Deathmatch game mode. Before this week, Blizzard had said that deathmatch modes did not contribute to the cooperative ethos of the game. Being in the top half of the FFA mode will credit the player with a win which will count toward getting loot boxes in Arcade Mode. You can get more information about this new mode directly from Kaplan in the developer update video you see posted above.

What do you think of the addition of deathmatch to Overwatch?

In The Arcade you will be able to join a Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch mode.

Customization options will be available in both Team Deathmatch and FFA.

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