Venezuela inflation quickens to 248.6 pct in year to July -opposition

Maradona seen campaigning for Maduro in 2013 has struggled with drink and drug problems

Diego Maradona seen campaigning for Nicolas Maduro in 2013

Both the Constituent Assembly and the National Assembly met Tuesday in separate chambers of the legislative palace in the capital, Caracas.

The Bolivarian Alliance said in a statement read after the meeting, "We reiterate the call for a constructive and respectful dialogue".

Presenting the preliminary findings from an investigation conducted in June and July, the United Nations rights office described "a picture of widespread and systematic use of excessive force and arbitrary detentions against demonstrators in Venezuela".

Highly concerned that recent developments in Venezuela could lead to further escalation of tensions and hamper a peaceful solution to the crisis, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres again on Tuesday urged the Government and the opposition to relaunch negotiations for the benefit of the Venezuelan people.

The socialist president Nicolas Maduro is facing since April in a vast movement of protest to demand his departure, while the oil country, once the richest in South America, sank economically.

The judges convicted another mayor on Tuesday for failing to move against protesters during four months of political unrest.

In recent weeks, criticism of the global community, concerned about the radicalization of the government, flowed from all sides, the United States, the european Union or the Vatican.

After the failure of the Organization of American States (OAS) to reach agreement on the Venezuelan crisis, the vast majority of countries in the region that denounce the Venezuelan situation have opted for other diplomatic channels, such as the suspension of Venezuela from Mercosur and now the formation of an independent pact.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has warned it "can't be excluded" that relations with Venezuela could be cut.

The World Cup victor, who played for Barcelona and Napoli during a distinguished career, penned a message of support for Maduro as he continues to face criticism over the chaos in his country and the arrest of leading opposition figures.

The new measures announced by the U.S. Treasury Department will freeze the U.S. assets of the targeted individuals, ban them from travel to the United States and prohibit Americans from doing business with them.

Corbyn must "acknowledge the regime's failure, the political crisis it has provoked and place itself firmly with the people of Venezuela and the legitimate constitutional bodies", Spellar said.

Separately, only a few dozen demonstrators heeded the opposition's call to set up traffic-snarling roadblocks Tuesday in Caracas to show their opposition to the new assembly.

The new constitutional assembly has signaled it will act swiftly in following through with Maduro's commands.

New Constituent assembly will rewrite the constitution. He said they were not part of Operation David but supported it.

ANC President Delcy Rodriguez will preside over the commission.

The opposition, which sees in this assembly as a tactic of Maduro to extend his term beyond 2019, and to establish a "communist dictatorship", fears a "witch-hunt".

The opposition to Maduro also faced another fight on Wednesday before the Supreme Court, which scheduled a hearing on charges against a Caracas-area opposition mayor.

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