South African assembly to vote on president by secret ballot

No Confidence Debate countdown – DA and Business Leadership up the ante

Secret or open? Watch the #NoConfidence vote announcement live

In recent weeks, two ANC lawmakers who publicly said they meant to vote against Zuma were quickly censured by the party.

South Africa is 'witness to larceny on a grand scale, leaving the country not only impoverished, but also increasingly in the hands of criminalised and compromised governance, ' the veterans said in a statement. The secret ballot is an opportunity to put country above party, vote out corruption, and put South Africa on the right path.

"There have been disingenuous and deliberate attempts by the opposition to the ANC (both inside and outside of parliament) to confuse the secret vote that citizens are entitled to during elections with the vote of elected representatives", he said.

Parliamentary Speaker Baleka Mbete today announced the news which opposition parties had wanted.

A motion of no confidence requires a simple majority to pass, in this case 201 votes out of the 400-member parliament. "There are sister parties in the opposition ranks which are divided down the middle and they too are going to benefit from this decision of the speaker", Lekota said.

A group of ANC veterans from the anti-apartheid struggle also called for MPs to vote against Zuma, who was himself imprisoned with Nelson Mandela on Robben Island under white-minority rule.

Some analysts said Zuma could still survive the vote. And for Freedom Front leader Pieter Groenewald, Mbete's decision was the only rational one to take: "There's hope for democracy and the integrity of Parliament".

This motion by the Democratic Alliance, who are our political nemesis is a political ploy created to undermine our popularly elected government, fracture and weaken the ANC with an aim of removing it from government by any means outside of general elections.

Parliament will vote on the motion on Tuesday and if it succeeds, Zuma, in power since 2009, and his entire cabinet would have to step down.

We reiterate our stance that the ANC will vote against this motion.

BLSA wrote to its member organisations encouraging them to find a mutually acceptable way to give allowance to employees who wish to participate in the protest activities with no loss of income or benefits, and without the need to apply for leave. "We have confidence in our members". This motion, just like others before it, will be defeated.

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