Sarah Harding and Amelia Lily impress with CBB duet

Sarah and Paul in CBB

CHANNEL 5Sarah told Paul Danan all about her"toxic relationship with DJ Tom Crane

"Even if we had fell out I'm sure it wouldn't be a major deal in the future", she added.

Chad Johnson and Amelia Lily may have at one point looked like they could kick off a romance in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but all that has come to a screeching halt when the former star of The Bachelorette told the singing sensation exactly how he felt about her.

But Sarah hadn't finished yet, and moments later she buried her face in Amelia's cleavage, shouting: "Motorboat time!"

Sarah admitted she had had a headache for the duration of the show, but Jemma doesn't believe this to be the case.

It was a hard day in the Big Brother house for Harding who broke down in tears after discovering she was up for nominations.

The tattoo model gestures towards Sarah when she makes the comment and refers to her as "that", and Sarah heads to the Diary Room before she breaks down.

When Jemma pressed on the subject, Sarah replied cagily: "Its not for me to say, I don't like talking about the other girls. if it's a personal thing".

Jemma says to Amelia: "Amelia, you are not up for the first eviction. You should be buzzing but you feel like you can't because you've got to look after that...", gesturing towards Sarah.

Speaking to her CBB housemate Jemma Lucy in the episode of the reality TV show which airs tonight, Sarah, 35, said: "I'm only 5'5'".

Grinning manically, Sarah sank to her knees and that's when she dug her teeth into Amelia's limb.

She later tells Sandi Bogle: 'We're living in a bubble.

"Being around girls the whole time, it's hard some times, you know".

"Sarah Harding's got problems".

Sarah hits back: "Stop acting psycho, Paul. You're a hypocrite and you're a snide!"

Jemma Lucy begins talking about the Girls Aloud singer behind her back in freaky scenes with Paul Danan.

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