Angry Pence denies eye on 2020 United States presidential bid

Carlo Allegri  Reuters

Carlo Allegri Reuters

The paper says Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Vice President Mike Pence are all quietly exploring the possibility of a presidential run.

Marc Lotter, a Pence spokesman, said the Times' report was "wishful thinking".

The article goes on to say that Pence, while showing steadfast support for the president, is also increasing his national profile with a full slate of political events.

The New York Times reported Sunday that key Pence aides have told major Republican donors that Pence would be prepared to run for president in 2020 if President Donald Trump does not.

But Pence called the article "fake news" and said his entire team was focused on advancing Trump's agenda and seeing him re-elected in 2020.

The Times article suggested that Pence was the "pacesetter" among a group of Republican "political opportunists" preparing to move in if Trump draws blame for the party suffering serious losses in next year's midterm elections.

"The allegations in this article are categorically false and represent just the latest attempt by the media to divide this administration", he said in the statement.

The statement went on to say the suggestion that Pence was not working exclusively for Trump's agenda and re-election was "laughable and absurd".

Pence condemned Russia's presence in Georgia, also saying that ties with them won't improve until Moscow changed its stance of Ukraine and eventually revoke support for North Korean, Iran or Syria.

Questioning the validity of this story would require blindly believing that Pence has no ambition in the Oval Office beyond his current position as vice president. "Don't worry about a Congress that isn't supporting legislation to get big-ticket items done". He said United States relations with Moscow were at an "all-time" low and blamed lawmakers for it.

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, who at one time worked as a pollster for Pence, said Trump "plans on being a two-term president". "It is absolutely true that the vice president is getting ready for 2020 - for reelection as vice president". "That is complete fabrication", Ms. Conway said.

She emphasized that the former IN governor was "very loyal" to President Trump. "He is a peer to the president in the West Wing".

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