China Strict Message to India Says There is a limit to Patience

Sushma Swaraj

China warns India of 'serious consequences' over border

China has accused neighboring India of adding troops and constructing roads along its side of the border amid increasing tensions over a standoff in a remote frontier region in the Himalayas, APA reports quoting Press TV.

New Delhi fears the construction of the road would allow China to cut off India's access to its northeastern states.

China has been maintaining that there has been withdrawal of troops by India and the numbers have come down from 400 to 48. "The law is on our side, this is accepted by all other countries and if talks are to take place, both sides must pull back troops".

While the Indian troops succeeded in thwarting China's belligerent designs, it resulted in a standoff since June 16.

Defence expert on Saturday backed the Ministry of External Affairs" (MEA) stand on the Doklam stand-off and reiterated that "diplomacy' is the only way to resolve the issue. China should understand that war would never solve any problem and while at the end of the war, one may look like being victorious, it never would be so on actual terms. Wisdom is to resolve issues diplomatically", she said in Rajya Sabha while replying to a discussion on "India's foreign policy and engagement with strategic partners.

In a fresh salvo, China has told India not to test its patience over Doklam, with its Defence Ministry saying that "restraint has a bottom line".

The Sikkim Sector is the only delimited part of the China-India boundary, and was defined in the Convention Between Great Britain and China Relating to Sikkim and Tibet signed in 1890. "We continue to engage with China through diplomatic channels to find a mutually acceptable solution", Mr Baglay said.

"Indian side is always keeping "peace" on the tip of its tongue".

The Chinese media, well known to reflect the government's views, in an editorial on Saturday said that the "hard line stances" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are pushing India towards war and jeopardising India's peaceful development.

The article goes on to say that the Indian government is being irresponsible when it comes to national security and is taking the well-being of its citizens for granted. "In addition, there are still a large number of Indian armed forces congregating on the boundary and on the Indian side of the boundary", Geng said.

"This incident is illegal under worldwide law".

Citing economic implications, he said that Indians should stop purchasing any product - be it be mobile, watches, cars, or toys - that is made in China.

Hu said the military operation would aim to seize Indian personnel "illegally" lingering in Chinese territory or expel them.

In spite of highly provocative statement from China, the government of India has handled the issue with firmness and dignity, that seem to have further upset China, since India is not responding with the similar war cry. "This is certainly nor for peace", said the foreign ministry in a statement issued on Thursday.

Urging Indian troops to withdraw immediately, Ren said India should "abandon any illusion" of delaying tactics, and not underestimate the Chinese military's confidence in and ability to defend peace.

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