CW Announces Fall Dates For DC Superhero Crossovers

The CW sets date for next Arrow-verse crossover

Another Arrow-verse crossover is coming your way.

"Last year's crossover was our most successful week I believe in CW's history", CW President Mark Pedowitz told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour (via Entertainment Weekly). Things will finally wrap up on Tuesday, November 28 with The Flash at 8/7c and Legends of Tomorrow at 9/8c. During his talk, he also mentioned that the Arrowverse crossover a year ago was the most successful based on ratings and other metrics in the CW history.

"We're really approaching this big four-part event as two back-to-back two hour movies, and I think when you look at it through that lens, it becomes less important for the Supergirl episode to feel like a Supergirl episode and the Arrow episode to feel like an Arrow episode, which was always our approach in the past".

"We felt that it would be better and tighter in storytelling", Pedowitz said of the change. "We thought this was the best way to go".

The biggest yearly event for DCTV is indisputably their massive crossovers.

That being said, the shows largely stick to their own storylines in their respective seasons, so the network's crossover event will likely only serve as a minor inconvenience to those who don't watch all four shows. After all, they've helped each other and saved the world together countless times.

The first night of the superhero crossover will be on Monday, November 27th with Supergirl being paired with Arrow.

Let me just say, romance is in the air. While speculation for last year's crossover plot was wild, very few predicted that it would adapt Keith Giffen and Bill Mantlo's obscure and forgotten 1988-1989 Invasion! We were fine with them making it separate from the Arrowverse, they have a different point a view. Last year, there were two crossover events - the mega four-episode event and a musical crossover that acted mostly as a "Flash" and "Supergirl" mash-up with sprinklings of other characters. On Thursday, October 12 at 9 pm Arrow will premiere to round out the DC roster.

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