Nuggets won't trade young guards for Kyrie Irving

Andrew Wiggins Minnesota Timberwolves

Kyrie Irving requesting trade out of Cleveland to find bigger role

As the Kyrie Irving saga in Cleveland drifts into week three, here's what we know about the All-Star and his eroding relationship with LeBron James and the Cavaliers organization.

As for the Timberwolves, many have speculated that forward Andrew Wiggins - who the Cavs drafted in 2014 before trading him to Minnesota for Kevin Love - would be the center of any package.

You can guarantee though this isn't the last we've heard of Irving possibly being traded this summer.

The Cavs could then have a replacement starting point guard ready to go which would allow them to continue their Championship run right where they left off. While it seemed unlikely for him to go back, he still has yet to be traded, and talks have seemed to stall out on a few fronts.

According to recent reports, however, Irving's lack of movement likely isn't a result of him and the team working their relationship out, but rather a lack of compelling offers received by the Cavaliers. All of those things can only work to make this situation more complicated and they could also mean that Irving is not going to be traded for a while. The Suns could potentially solve this problem by adding Eric Bledsoe to the mix (LBJ and Eric are long-time friends and are represented by the same agent).

Irving is now unwilling to commit to any team at the moment, as he has two seasons left on his contract and would like to keep his options open. But a player like Anthony or Irving may be tired of where they end up, because going to a place like Oklahoma City or Cleveland means they end up with stars on one-year deals.

The Suns would be interested in dealing for Irving, but on one condition.

Talented as Irving is, two years is still a short amount of time.

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