Chris Martin covers Linkin Park's Crawling in Chester Bennington tribute

Linkin Park Lead Singer's Farewell

Linkin Park fans organize Chester Bennington memorial at Cincinnati arena

Coldplay have paid a moving tribute to late musician Chester Bennington with an emotional rendition of their hit song, Crawling. There have been so many that a Google doc was created to list them all.

CBS News also reported on the photo memorial that Warner Bros. records has set up outside its Los Angeles offices for the beloved singer that has become a gathering site for fans.

Martin knew that it was a massive moment - both for the audience at MetLife Stadium, and Linkin Park fans the world over - and he shared that with the crowd before he started playing, saying that he wanted to cover "Crawling" "respectfully".

The memorials are broken down by region: North America, South/Central America, Europe and Asia/Australia/New Zealand/Mideast/Africa, a testament to the wide-ranging global love for the singer.

Linkin Park members Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn each gave eulogies during the service, as did Ryan Shuck, who played with Bennington in his side project, Dead by Sunrise.

Bennington died last month of apparent suicide in his L.A. home. So, while these were indeed given out, these sellers are clearly trying to make large sums of money off the back of Chester's funeral, and that don't sit right with us.

"I was leaving the kitchen last night at 11:30, and I was greeted by flashing lights, people taking pictures", Rock'n Pies owner Jim Conners told the outlet.

Welch admitted he thought the news of Chester's death was a hoax at first, and when he discovered it was true he went into a process of grieving and began "freaking out".

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