Kathy Griffin shaves head to support sister's battle on cancer

Kathy Griffin Shaved Her Entire Head in Support of Her Sister's Cancer Battle

Kathy Griffin shaves her head in support of her sister who has been diagnosed with cancer - three years after their ...

'This AM my courageous brother Gary Griffin passed away in palliative care after a brutal struggle w cancer, ' she wrote on Instagram at the time. But it's not a mere publicity stunt, it's an act of solidarity, a gesture meant to show that she's standing by her sister who is now getting chemotherapy.

Maggie later took to Twitter to say Kathy was a "wonderful human being".

As per a report from People, series of photos from Griffin has started to surface online, and it had left her followers in awe when she flaunted her shaved head.

In a picture shared by journalist Yashar Ali, Kathy, now 56-years-old, can be seen rubbing her scalp after losing those famous red locks. Her act supports her sister in the most lovely and emotional way.

"I am no longer under federal investigation", Kathy wrote. The vile viral photo wound up costing the author of Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins her job co-hosting the New Year's Eve ball drop alongside Anderson Cooper for CNN.

While the investigation may be over, the damage was done. She hasn't posted the photos or a statement to her Instagram or Twitter pages as of now.

Kathy Griffin is known for taking bold stances in the public arena, but what many don't know is how devoted she is to her family in private. The image is too disturbing. "I'm going to be honest, (Trump) broke me".

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