Tesla delivers first 30 Model 3 sedans at unveiling ceremony

Tesla Model 3

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After many, many months of waiting, the first production Model 3s were given to their owners during a big ceremony at Tesla's Fremont, California factory on Friday evening.

Tesla TSLA, +0.18% had stated that the aim was a starting price of $35,000, and it achieved that goal by introducing the Model 3 at that base price for a standard edition expected to travel 220 miles on a full charge.

The firm received 115,000 orders in only 24 hours yesterday before the vehicle was unveiled, Musk said, speaking at a launch event at Tesla's California design studio. Much of that enthusiasm is tied to the potential of the Model 3, which carries a price tag that allows it to compete directly with many traditional petrol- and diesel powered cars and sport utility vehicles.

Model 3 designers eliminated knobs and controls from the car's dashboard, allowing the driver to control much of the auto from a 15-inch touchscreen display to the right of the driver.

So if you're a Tesla fan in the United Kingdom, you'll have to wait a couple of years before you'll be able to get into the driving seat of a Model 3. He designed the company's three most raved vehicles: Models X, S, and the 3.

It would catapult the company from a niche producer of expensive luxury cars into a mass-market producer. "If you're trying to make a difference in the world, you also need to make cars people can afford". Musk said he hoped customers who submitted deposits Friday would receive their vehicles by the end of 2018. The compact Model 3 may not entice a global market that's increasingly shifting to SUVs, including all-electric SUVs from Audi and others going on sale soon.

Success with the Model 3 could ease concerns about the ability of Tesla to grow significantly.

Should you bother with the Model 3? "We're going to do everything possible to get you your cars as fast as possible". The Model 3 in particular shattered all the prejudices over electric vehicles and went on to become a bombshell in the industry when CEO Elon Musk disclosed it in April 2016.

"We're going to go through six months of production hell".

Luckily, now that the first batch of 30 Model 3s have officially made it out of the factory and into the hands of their owners, we can be sure that there will be many more photos and videos to come in the days ahead.

Anyone ordering a Model 3 now was advised not to expect delivery until late next year.

But Musk says Tesla worked hard to make the Model 3 simpler and cheaper to make than Tesla's previous vehicles. With this payment, you get a Model 3 equipped with Autopilot hardware, Supercharging, seating for five adults, 310 miles per charge, 0 to 60 mph performance in 5.1 seconds, and a top speed for 140 mph. Topping off the interior, however, is the center-mounted 15-inch touchscreen display, which replaces everything from the car's instrument cluster to the entertainment controls.

The company has struggled to meet some of its, at times, ambitious delivery and production deadlines.

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