American Horror Story: Cult - Everything We Know so Far

American Horror Story Cult

American Horror Story Cult

The new season will be called "American Horror Story: Cult". Following the unveiling of the season 7 title, Ryan Murphy teases fans with yet another mysterious photo, this time hinting at a real person who is involved in the show.

If Paulson and Peters' storyline is indeed "a love story for the ages", it'll mark the second time they play a couple on the series. Now, Ryan Murphy has revealed a little bit more information about the upcoming series in a Twitter Q&A. If that wasn't scary enough, a teaser trailer for the new season appeared online today, and. well, yeah, we hope you're not too deathly afraid of clowns, because you're about to cop a LOT of them.

Murphy took to Instagram, as he often does, to share a drawing of the characters.

The theme for the seventh season of "American Horror Story" has finally been revealed... In the drawing, Peters sports long, scraggly blue hair and looks exhausted, with dark bags under his eyes.

While on Instagram, the creator revealed that Kai's love interest will be a character named Ally, who will be played by none other than the extremely talented Sarah Paulson. The season is set in MI, a key battleground state.

AHS: Cult will also star Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner, Cheyenne Jackson, Alison Pill and Colton Haynes, and Lena Dunham will make a cameo in one episode. He also promised viewers that Cult will bring "more Evan" than previous storylines, and that this installment will be "his heaviest season yet". Up until recently, series creator Ryan Murphy kept the details about Season 7 close to his chest (much like he did a year ago with the Roanoke season) but that all changed during Comic-Con week.

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