'Wonder Woman 2,' Starring Gal Gadot, Confirmed at Comic-Con!

Alison Widdoes

Alison Widdoes

It's basically a foregone conclusion that Wonder Woman will get a sequel after the smashing success of the original film, starring Israeli Gal Gadot, which is still in theaters.

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, Wonder Woman has "taken over" the comic book convention, with fans of all ages spotted dressed like the character.

Raking in about US$767.7 million worldwide since its premiere in early June, Wonder Woman has been the DC Universe's most profitable adaptation yet, breaking records for director Patty Jenkins as the highest-grossing live-action film directed by a woman. She's got to come to America.

Director Patty Jenkins already knows where the sequel should take place although it's unclear if she will be directing it. This iconic role has pushed her into the spotlight, a sequel plus an appearance in the upcoming Justice League, means that her star-power isn't about to fade anytime soon. Look at this shameful headline from The Independent: "Wonder Woman banned in Tunisia where 70% of the female population suffers from gender-based violence".

No date for the sequel's release has yet been announced, but don't expect it before 2020. Two years ago, when she joined the Batman v. Superman team onstage, she told a young boy who said he'd been bullied for wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt that he was even more of a man for embracing Wonder Woman. It's time... I realized that Wonder Woman 2 is its own great movie.

Ray Fisher (Cyborg) and Jason Mamoa (Aquaman) were also on hand to reveal a new trailer for the film, which is due out November 17.

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