Trump Says Military "Bigger, Better, Stronger" At USS Gerald R. Ford Commissioning

USS Gerald Ford USS Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford Vs Nimitz

Trump to Attend Navy Commissioning of New US Aircraft Carrier Gerald R. Ford

Her predecessor, CVN 65, the longest naval vessel ever built (and the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier), was decommissioned February 3, 2017, after over 55 years of service.

Trump, who is commander in chief of the US armed forces, was traveling to Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia on Saturday to preside over a ceremony during which the USS Ford, the first member of the next generation of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, will be welcomed to the fleet with the words: "Man our ship and bring her to life".

"For years, our government has subjected the military to unpredictable funding, and a devastating defense 'sequester, '" the president said.

Trump's participation in the ceremony also capped "Made in America" week at the White House, during which the president and administration officials sought to draw attention to the USA manufacturing industry.

He said the USS Ford demonstrates that "we will win, win, win - we will never lose".

Construction on the USS Ford began in 2009, and was to be completed in 2015 at a cost initially projected at $10.5 billion.

The air wing to support the Ford could add more personnel to the ship, which is created to house more than 4,600 crew members.

Trump visited the $12.9 billion nuclear-powered carrier in Newport News, Virginia, to cap off the White House's "Made in America" week, a series of events created to highlight the administration's push to increase domestic manufacturing.

The air wing to support the Ford could add more personnel to the ship, which is created to house more than 4,600 crew members.

The Navy will spend $43 billion developing and building the three Ford-class carriers that Congress has authorized thus far.

The Ford-class is designed with a host of improvements over the Nimitz-class that should significantly improve quality-of-life for sailors and reduce maintenance costs for the Navy. "We demand victory and we will have total victory, believe me", Mr. Trump said of the powerful aircraft carrier. The work yet to be completed is expected to cost more than $775 million and take another four years. The Navy said the cost overruns and construction delays were due to the carrier's cutting-edge technology.

Mr Trump gave a speech at the commissioning ceremony for the 100,000-tonne, 12.9 billion dollar (£11 billion) warship, in which he praised the USA military and the American labour that went into building it.

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