Nintendo Switch Online App Launches

Online App for the Nintendo Switch is Available Now

Nintendo Switch Online App Launches

All this put together earn a spot almost at the top of our list of the best Nintendo Switch games out right now. Rather than handling any of this directly on the Switch, Nintendo's offloading that functionality to your smartphone.

Good news: It costs a grand total of $0 until 2018.

When Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch back in March of this year the company already confirmed that online services would be available for free for a limited time only.

This online mobile app was now available on iOS and Android.

The app's release comes just two days before "Splatoon 2" launches.

Splatoon 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Splatoon for the Wii U, launches on the Switch on July 21, a little more than a month after Nintendo released Arms, its new fighting-style franchise that features characters with extendable arms.

When I tested the app with Patricia Hernandez, I found the chatting itself to be fine.

Nintendo Switch Online App Begins Release on iOS and Android; New Details Revealed
Nintendo Switch Online App Launches

The biggest features are inviting friends to play with you in private or public games and chatting them up via voice chat.

Even though it will take a few months to get a lot more games aboard the Nintendo Switch Online app train, we will be able to at least see some of the features with this app.

Nintendo's statement should make things clear on whether voice chat runs through the app. This fee will also allow you to access some classic Nintendo games.

With the Nintendo Switch Online app, players will be able to send online game invitations to their friends, an option that is aided by integration with social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. Tethering voice chat and other online services to your phone means you've also got that battery to worry about. And when I tried to create my own lobby, I quickly discovered that I was unable to invite friends from the app, with no clear feedback why.

OK, moving on. How do I invite friends to come play with the app?

And unless you plan on buying Splatoon 2, there's virtually nothing you can do with the app at the moment.

The game upgrades include a brand-new cooperative horde mode. Users can use various headsets or headphones with the app, such as Bluetooth headsets, but a notable entry in the support page lists that the Nintendo Switch Online app must remain open (along with the phone's screen on) to use voice chat. If they accept, you'll all be in the Online Lounge together, so you can chat it up and play some rounds.

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