New Feed inside Google app unveiled

Google rolls out new protections against phishing plugins

Google rolls out new warnings for G Suite and Apps Script

Its new update to Feed, a mobile feature first introduced in December, makes this evident.

Perhaps one of the strangest parts about the news feed is that there is no bias against older posts. And like many technology companies, Google is invested in machine learning technology with sophisticated algorithms to better anticipate what is most interesting to you. The feed also features links to the products on Amazon's website, making it easier for customers to buy referenced goods that interest them. It identifies areas of interest selected by a user, and their history of using Search, YouTube and other Google products, to produce a stream of news stories and other information meant to be unique to each user.

The screen itself contains a warning that "this app isn't verified" beneath a red triangle with an escalation mark, and a note to "only proceed if you know and trust the developer". It lets you further search with one tap. Anyone anxious about what Google may be tracking can head over to their illusive My Activity page, but those who are willing to show their every action to the company could benefit from its algorithms.

Now with Feed coming in, the Google Now brand will be discarded, and the updates that it offered will be moved to a secondary tab called "updates".

Beginning this week, new Apps Scripts requesting access to user data will also see the "unverified app" warning, as well as new language that asks users to "consider whether you trust" the application seeking permission. It can also tell you showtimes and theaters for movies you are interested in if it saw you liked a trailer on YouTube.

Users will also be able "follow" an area of interest with the touch of a button. Since it's backed by Google's own machine learning algorithms, the feed will get better at delivering content that's relevant to you the more you use it. If Google gets it wrong, you can just unfollow a topic with a quick tap.

And don't worry, content related to your porn searches won't pop up in your feed.


Still, Google's new search feed won't behave exactly like social networks, according to company executives.

If you're exhausted of a certain topic popping up on your feed, like perhaps "Donald Trump", you can tell Google to stop showing stories about him in your feed. It's a quick and relatively reliable way to keep updated on my interests, but it can be frustrating when something you look for doesn't show up. Google declined to comment on whether there would be ads in the feed in the future.

The latest change has been named "Google Feed" alike the Facebook's "News Feed" uses for getting known about updates from family, friends and others.

It hasn't been clear about how it would obstruct abuse of OAuth, but on Tuesday rolled out a new review process for Google OAuth clients that request sensitive information. Google believes these new protections ought to significantly reduce the chances of a repeat of "Google Docs".

Launching today in the U.S., and internationally in the coming weeks, the Google app for iOS now includes a personalized feed filled with things like news stories, live sports highlights, and suggested videos, all of which are merged in the feed with other data we've come to expect from the Google app such as local weather, relevant travel info, and more.

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