BSP chief Mayawati says she will resign from Rajya Sabha

Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati

Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati

In a dramatic development, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati resigned from the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday evening after complaining that her voice was being muzzled, as both Houses of Parliament adjourned for the day after frequent disruptions by the Opposition. Mayawati added that Dalits, Muslims and other backward sections of the society are facing oppression in the Modi regime. Mayawati, 61, lost power in Uttar Pradesh in 2012 and her party was routed in this year's Assembly elections, winning 19 seats in the 402-member House.

Speaking about a recent incident of caste violence in Shabi in Uttar Pradesh's Saharanpur district, Mayawati said amid protests from Treasury Benches: "If you don't allow me to speak I will resign from the Rajya Sabha". "I have not finished".

"I was not allowed to speak". She was trying to raise what she alleged were atrocities on Dalits in Uttar Pradesh.

After submitting her resignation to the Rajya Sabha chairman on Tuesday, Mayawati said that the deputy chairman, instead of asking the ruling party MPs to remain quiet, rang the bell and asked her to sit.

For BSP chief Mayawati, five minutes in Parliament, was not enough to make an introductory statement on the issue of Dalit atrocities in Saharanpur. The numbers do not bode well for the BSP's chances to its supremo back to Rajya Sabha when her term would end in April next year. She has sent in her resignation to the Vice-President. Mayawati walks out of the House and threatens to resign from the Rajya Sabha amid ruckus in the House. She can not get another term on BSP's strength as the party has only 18 MLAs whereas around 38 MLA votes are needed for a Rajya Sabha seat from UP.

The Prime Minister also called on all the parties to support the war against corruption, which has been initiated by the government. "People will not be misled". "When I can't put forward my views, I don't have any right to stay in this House, so I have taken this decision to give my resignation", she told Indian media personnel outside Parliament.

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