Contact Lenses Found Inside A Woman's Eye

Macro shot of surprised or scared human eye

Doctors in shock after 27 missing contact lenses found in woman's eye

The patient had worn monthly contact lenses for 35 years, and she rarely visited the eye doctor during those years.

Morjaria told Optometry Today that the members of the operating team, which included an ophthalmologist with more than 20 years of experience, were surprised by their findings.

The 67-year-old woman recently went in for cataract surgery, and after doctors injected anesthetic into her eye, they found a "bluish mass" emerge from under her upper eyelid.

The woman had "deep-set eyes, which might have contributed to the unusually large number of retained foreign bodies", they write in their report.

A British woman had 27 contact lenses on her eye and didn't know about it, doctors said.

"While serious complications of contact lens wear are rare, regular eye examinations are a good insurance policy. All the 27 contact lenses were stuck together", she confirmed of the patient who had not been attending optometrist appointments.

"None of us had seen it, explains in Optometry Today Rupal Morjaria, the ophthalmologist who has supported this exceptional case at the hospital in Solihull, near Birmingham (England)".

But by far the most astounding tidbit is the second sentence of the case report: "She had no previous ocular complaints".

"None of us have ever seen this before", Morjaria told OT.

Morjaria and colleagues chose to publish the case to warn other doctors that so many stuck lenses could go unnoticed by a patient-something doctors had assumed would cause far too much irritation to ignore.

Doctors noticed the old contacts when they were about to perform cataract surgery.

But added that it's important for contact lens wearers to have regular check ups. She claimed that she was unaware that the lenses were missing.

But after they were removed, she said her eyes felt a lot more comfortable.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology said Keratitis is the most common infection from wearing contact lenses, when the cornea - the clear, front window of the eye - becomes infected.

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