Trump likely to say Iran complying with nuclear deal

German Intelligence Reveals Iran Still Seeking Nuclear Weapons Tech

Trump to certify Iran complying with nuclear deal: report

The administration has until Monday to decide whether it will recertify Iran's adherence to the agreement, which lifts financial sanctions against the country as long as it proves it won't develop or acquire nuclear weapons.

As a candidate and president, Trump said he would re-examine and possibly abandon the Iran nuclear deal signed under President Barack Obama.

Trump's administration certified the deal in April. The decision to recertify was first reported Thursday by The Weekly Standard. That report, due 180 days after Trump's inauguration, was part of restrictions lawmakers put on the agreement, as was the 90-day certification requirement.

Iran denies the claim that its nuclear activities might have had military aspects, saying the program is totally for peaceful applications. The historic agreement shut down most of Iran's nuclear program, in some cases for decades, in exchange for an easing of worldwide sanctions.

After Iran test-fired a medium-range ballistic missile in late January, in violation of United Nations resolutions, the administration declared it was putting Iran "on notice" that such behavior would not be tolerated.

"The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) proved that followers of the policy of pressure have finally realized its inefficiency, therefore, the USA should also reconsider its approach towards the agreement", Iran's IRNA news agency quoted Zarif as saying in NY.

"The disease is broader Iranian aggression". "The president has been very frank about his opinion".

Zarif noted that Iran's expectation at the current stage was to see the compliance of all sides of the agreement to the deal, something which has been violated by the U.S., according to Zarif.

Zarif added that while in NY, he would meet cultural figures, experts from think tanks and other institutes, and those influential in public opinion to explain to the global community the issues that have resulted in instability of the Middle East and have put the allied countries in front of each other.

"In my capacity as coordinator, my task is and will stay to ensure that the deal is fully and effectively implemented by all sides", Mogherini said.

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