Trump Comments On French First Lady's Physique

Who Is Brigitte Macron? France’s First Lady and President Have Reverse Age Gap of Donald Melania TrumpMore

Who Is Brigitte Macron? France’s First Lady and President Have Reverse Age Gap of Donald Melania TrumpMore

As Trump prepared to leave Paris, he was making his goodbyes to Macron and his wife Brigitte when the extraordinary handshake began.

Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. recently admitted that he had set up a meeting a year ago with a woman he believed was a Russian government lawyer brandishing Kremlin dirt on Hillary Clinton. Once the tour was over, Trump turned to Brigitte and said: 'You're in such good shape'.

Trump had appeared isolated at a meeting of world leaders last weekend in Germany over his decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris global climate change agreement and his protectionist stance on trade. "If it happens", he said, "it will be wonderful; if it doesn't, that will be OK too".

Macron hopes to return his country to major global standing, including by reaching out to the isolationist Trump.

Macron also said that the U.S. and France are firm friends and "this is why nothing will ever separate us".

The French President said a scheduled dinner at the Eiffel Tower with Mr Trump would be a "great pleasure" and that the two nations had been allies "forever".

Trump had an awkward handshake when he met with Brigitte Macron.

President Trump commented on the physical appearance of Macron's wife. "President (Emmanuel) Macron's wife, Brigitte, is 25 years older than he is".

France acts as a key security partner for the United States and has been the second largest contributor to the US-led anti-ISIS coalition, but its days as a military power have faded somewhat.

"I really have a feeling that you're going to have a very, very peaceful and attractive Paris".

JOHN YANG: The two leaders said they discussed Syria and the fight against terrorism. "Why would I take sanctions off without getting anything?", Trump said.

Handshake aficionado and President of the United States Donald Trump on Friday sustained his art of the grip for a duration never before seen on the worldwide stage.

"I respect the wish to preserve jobs, I think that's compatible with the Paris accord", Macron said at the joint conference. And I'm coming back.

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